"Art is infection," pronounced Brenda Ueland, referencing Tolstoy.

"The artist has a feeling and he expresses it and at once this feeling infects other people and they have it too." (If You Want To Write, Brenda Ueland)


So here goes: 

A new contemporary artist every month; 

a nutritious, creative injection to your soul. 

Powerful, moving artwork, delivered to your doorstop. 

  • Two gorgeous, 5'' X 7 '' matte finish, correspondence cards of a the monthly artist's image. 
  • With two envelopes and stamps, for your convenience and pleasure
  • With artistic words of insight from the artist themselves
  • And an exclusive background story to their lives


you'll feel it. 


What should you do with this gorgeous art? 

Anything your heart desires. 

  • Doodle on it.
  • Sketch out your greatest,  secret dreams.
  • Write sonnets. Backwards.  
  • Begin that song writing career you always wanted, scrawling out lyrics. 
  • Write home to Mom and Dad. 
  • Drop card on random people's dashboards, with a note of encouragement for a blessed day. 

You get the picture:

Let the infection of the art and artist wash over you., until it integrates with your own, as you pass it on.  


The possibilities are endless.

Join us.